Himmeli workshops Himmelis are a traditional Christmas-time decoration hand made with rye straw. The 2-3 hour workshops can be modified for different groups and are suitable for beginners. We also offer a himmeli kit which includes all the materials and instructions to make one large himmeli.
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Children’s workshops

Children’s workshops Children’s craft workshops can be tailored for different ages, time frames and audiences. Our workshops typically explore furniture and small scale architecture as scale models.
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Beirut Design Week

For the celebration of Finland´s 100 years of independence Klaus Aalto and Tero Kuitunen curated the “Finland 100 – Picks From Now and Then” exhibition for the 2017 Beirut Design week in Lebanon. The pop-up show took place at the famous Sel&Poivre design shop. The concept included also a workshop at Mena Design Research Center and a printed catalogue on the exhibiting designers and companies. The exhibition consisted four themes; Minimal, Natural, Traditional and Playful and it included works by Aarikka, Aarni Wood, Antti Nurmesniemi, Artek, Fiskars , Iittala, Johan Olin And Aamu Song, Katariina Guthwert, Lapuan Kankurit, Marianne Huotari, Marimekko, Marttiini, Minna Parikka, Nathalie Lautenbacher, Onar, Plasto, Saana & Olli, Saija Halko, Studio Kaksikko, Verso, Vimma and &bros. The exhibition was part of the official programme of the Finland 100 years of independence.
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