Fiskars Summer House

Fiskars Summer House exhibition in the Fiskars Village arranged by Helsinki Design Week brought us together building up one of the nine summer rooms. The Dining Rooms was done for iittala in co-operation with Sasha Huber, one of our favourite artists. “We set out to choose an artist who would mirror both our own and Iittala’s world, where profound thinking meets simple form. We decided to choose Sasha Huber, whose work we have always admired and who we’ve known for a long time even though we’ve never worked together. She has developed a technique where she creates images with an air-staple gun, producing visually beautiful pieces which have a strong message, often dealing with inequality, and amplified by the act of shooting them with a symbolic weapon. Quite quickly and intuitively we came up with the idea of a dinner table, where the table cloth would be stapled onto the table and Sasha will be making a new piece for the exhibition from this starting point.”
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Kekkilä Garden (2010) As part of the design team Klaus was together with designers Linda Bergroth, Ville Hara, Mikko Paakkanen, Petri Salmela and Eeva Sivula creating products and the concept for the Kekkilä Koti&Piha products (Home&Garden). The process resulted as a collection of outdoor gardening products such as a greenhouse shed, and various planting products designed together with professional gardeners. The much appreciated product line was awarded with the Fennia Prize for good design in 2012.
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