1+1+1+ Vol.7 – Vases

Newest set of the 1+1+1 project with vases made in collaboration with the Aalto-university ADD lab.

The vases are shown as a part of Design March 23. – 26.3 at the Hugdetta shop, Baronstigur 27. Past projects
such as wallpaper, candles, candleholders and mirrors are also shown.

Opening 22.3.2017  @ 19:00

Hugdetta – Barónsstíg 27, 101 REYKJAVIK, ICELAND


1+1+1 – Vol.6 – Wallpapers


il Caffè Söder

Södermannagatan 23, Södermalm, Stockholm

Opening on Wed 8.2. 17-20 Welcome!


Echoes – 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture

A touring exhibition presenting Finland’s 100 year history through design and architecture.

Polin Museum, Warsaw, 13.1-23.2.2017
Ministry of Culture, Bratislava 2.3-28.3.2017
FUGA, Budapest, 29.6-17.7.2017
Manes Exhibition Hall, Prague, 19.10-30.10.2017
Felleshus, Berlin, 9.11-28.1.2018




Beirut Design Week


We will be exhibiting designs from Finland @ the KED building together with Hanna Anonen, &Bros, Sebastian Jansson and Saana ja Olli. Opening on May the 20th at 6PM. The theme for this years design week is sustainability.




Growth @ Fiskars Village Summer Exhibition, Fiskars Copper Smithy & Onoma Shop

15.5 – 25.9.2016

The Most Interesting Exhibition of the Summer Grows in Fiskars

The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars – Onoma hosts an exhibition for the entirety of the summer, based on the theme Kasvu / Tillväxt / Growth.
The Cooperative was founded in 1996 and thus, the exhibition simultaneously celebrates it’s 20th year anniversary.