Echoes, 100 Years in Finnish Design and Architecture

Exhibition architecture for Echoes, an exhibition presenting Finland’s 100 year history through design and architecture. The exhibition is built around eight central themes which are all rooted within nature and natural elements. It shows how Finnish architecture and design echo similar themes which manifest themselves in different ways over time. The exhibition, which is one of the biggest Finland100 event abroad, will tour five European cities in 2017.

Polin Museum, Warsaw, 13.1-23.2.2017
Ministry of Culture, Bratislava 2.3-28.3.2017
FUGA, Center of Architecture, Budapest, 29.6-17.7.2017
Manes Exhibition Hall, Prague, 19.10-30.10.2017
Felleshus, The Nordic Embassies, Berlin, 9.11-28.1.2018