1+1+1 edition VII – Vases

The vase project started from the desire to find alternative ways to implement our basic method of making new objects from independent originals. With the vase project we wanted to work with 3D printing and to design the originals without deciding beforehand how they would be combined. For this we paired up with Ashish Mohite of Aalto University’s Digital Design Lab.

Working with the 3D models of the originals we discovered that the most interesting way of combining the them, was not slicing, but merging. This allowed us to create new, unpredictable objects which would be impossible to create without the help of 3D modelling and printing. The form language of the participating design studios, which is based on more traditional design process, combined with this digital perspective is what makes the project interesting and unique.

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The project was supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and Arts Promotion Center Finland.